Berichten getagd ‘domestic resource mobilisation’

Belasting voor Water!

BLOG – Voor elk SDG moet worden nagedacht over een plan van aanpak, en dus ook over de begroting. IRC wash denkt na over de opdracht om iedereen te voorzien van schoon drinkwater en sanitaire voorzieningen. Een cruciaal onderdeel van de financiering is volgens hen: belasting. Zonder belasting zouden wij in Nederland geen duurzame water- en sanitaire voorzieningen hebben. In ontwikkelingslanden is dit niet anders.

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Raising funds with Bollywood actors

During the Change the Game debate Vice Versa explores the opportunities and challenges of local fundraising and claim-making in practice on the basis of several case studies. Today we take a look at India. Are people willing to contribute to development in their society or are there issues that keep them from doing so?

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Change the Game; What’s Next?

The Dutch development sector is (modestly) celebrating its 65th anniversary this year. Is it time to retire, or should we continue? And if so; in what way? With shrinking development budgets on one side of the spectrum and a globally rising middle class on the other, domestic resource mobilisation and claim-making are presented as the future of international development. But what exactly does this approach entail? What are the challenges and opportunities concerned with it? This first contribution of the Change the Game online debate formulates the main points of discussion for the coming weeks.

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