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Uganda: Museveni defies opposition’s ‘defiance’ campaign to begin 5th term

Door Richard Kavuma / 12 mei 2016

The Ugandan capital Kampala was tense on Wednesday, ahead of President Museveni’s swearing-in ceremony on Thursday. Key opposition leaders have been placed under house-arrest and prevented from leaving their homes. However, Dr. Kizza Besigye, Museveni’s most credible challenger for the presidency, somehow ended up in the city centre on Wednesday, causing both excitement among the city dwellers and panic among the deployed soldiers and policemen. The opposition Forum for Democratic Change has insisted that Besigye won the February 18 elections; and as Museveni swears in for this 5th term, the FDC will also be trying to ‘swear in’ Besigye. In a bid to prevent the latter, there is heavy deployment of soldiers and police in the city. Richard Kavuma looks at Uganda after Museveni’s latest election.

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Kampala rustig na chaotische verkiezingen

Door Richard Kavuma / 19 februari 2016

VERSLAG – Hoe verliepen de verkiezingen gisteren in Oeganda? Richard Kuvama doet vanuit Kampala verslag over de verkiezingsdag. De straten van Kampala bleven kalm, terwijl het land de meest chaotische verkiezingen van de laatste jaren probeerde te verwerken.

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The state of security in Uganda ahead of elections

Door Richard Kavuma / 17 februari 2016

BACKGROUND – Richard M. Kavuma, journalist for the Ugandan newspaper The Observer explains how the two camps – Museveni’s and Designee’s – clash again and again. About the role of the police in this, chaos and rumours.

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A vote for difficult stability on the cards as Uganda goes to the polls

Door Richard Kavuma / 10 februari 2016

BLOG – Richard M. Kavuma works for the Ugandan newspaper The Observer. In this blog he explains one of the commonest problems Ugandan voters talk about when they face eight presidential candidates in the February 18 elections.

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