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8 juni 2012



The recent G20 in Chicago emphasized the importance and urgency of global food security. Africa is emerging as the potential giant in the world food supply: it is the only continent with opportunities for mayor increases in cropping area and productivity. This outlook is already changing the economic and (geo-)political status of the continent. This conference focuses on the new modalities of cooperation involving the (local) private sector and how the concessionary funds of development cooperation can best be allocated. The aims and goals of all partners involved – public sector, private sector, scientists and NGOs, from Africa and from outside Africa – do not necessarily coincide. What are the possibilities,challenges, and lessons learned from investing in agricultural development in Africa, also with regard to fostering its sustainable development and its food security? Both Dutch and German governments foresee a mayor role for private sector involvement in agricultural development, including businesses in their home countries and in Africa. Having agricultural development as one of their key pillars, Germany will earmark € 700 million for rural-agricultural development. The Minister of Development Cooperation sends his coordinator Stefan Schmitz to talk about Germany’s budgets for cooperation with the South. Also in the Netherlands new initiatives are being developed in this field. Diederik de Boer shall talk about a recently presented plan to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to start cooperation clusters in Africa. Piet Heemskerk and Elijah Kang’ara discuss their experiences with involving SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) through the African Agribusiness Academy. Furthermore Rudy Rabbinge, one of the top experts on global food security, will share the experiences and challenges of AGRA (the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa) and Ton Dietz will highlight the current stages and opportunities of agriculture in different African countries. Programme Moderator Marcia Luyten 12.45 Networking lunch with EMRC Registration Part 1: What are the possibilities, challenges and lessons learned of investing in agricultural development in Africa? 14.00 Introductory speech Ton Dietz (Director African Studies Centre, University Leiden) 14.15 Keynote speech Dr. Stefan Schmitz (Head Task Force for Rural Development and Global Food Security, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany) 14.35 Keynote speech Rudy Rabbinge (Sustainable Development & Food Security, Wageningen University) 14.50 Question from the audience 15.00 Break Part 2: Different kind of cooperation: how can entrepreneurs  seize the opportunities? 15.30 Introductory speech Diederik de Boer (Director Round Table Africa / Senior Project Consultant Maastricht School of Management) 15.45 Duo-presentation 1: Elijah Kang’ara (Ugandese entrepreneur), and Piet Heemskerk (African Agribusiness Academy, Wageningen) 16.00 Presentation 2:  Gerard van Empel (Directory Advisory Services, Rabo Development) 16.15 Discussion Chaired by Gerda Verburg (Permanent Representative of the Netherlands to the Food and Agriculture Organization) 17.00 Conclusions and closure: Jos van Gennip (president FoodFirst) 17.10 Drinks Practicalities The Floriade in Venlo is the inspiring location for this event and guests of the conference can visit the Floriade free of charge on the day of the conference. You can register via the website <> . Participation in the conference is free. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Inge Jansen ( <>  / +31 (0)70 338 32 88)

Opinie: ‘Brief minister Kaag over maatschappelijk middenveld: analytisch zwak en weinig ambitieus’

Door Fons van der Velden | 09 juli 2019

Het is een groot goed dat de Nederlandse overheid zoveel fondsen ter beschikking stelt voor de versterking van maatschappelijke organisaties en maatschappelijk middenveld, schrijft Fons van der Velden in deze opiniebijdrage naar aanleiding van de kamerbrief van minister Kaag. Maar hij vindt de brief analytisch zwak en van weinig ambitie getuigen. Wat had beter gekund?

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Tip 3 aan Kaag: ‘Lever in op je privilege en geef zuidelijke organisaties meer inspraak bij het bepalen van prioriteiten’

Door Lizan Nijkrake | 08 juli 2019

Minister Kaag werkt hard aan een nieuw subsidiekader voor het maatschappelijk middenveld. Ze wil meer eigenaarschap geven aan zuidelijke ngo’s om hen meer legitimiteit te geven, en ziet daarbij een andere rol voor Nederlandse organisaties. Vice Versa vroeg vier zuidelijke organisaties hoe zij dit zien. Wat is hun gouden tip voor onze minister? Met vandaag Carla López Cabrera, directeur van Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres (FCAM) in Nicaragua, een feministisch fonds dat lokale vrouwenrechtenbewegingen in Centraal Amerika steunt.

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Shifting fundamental power issues in funding relationships

Door Evelijne Bruning Ruerd Ruben en Lau Schulpen | 02 juli 2019

This article claims that the current aid architecture favours clientilism, dependency and short-term projects. The authors Evelijne Bruning (The Hunger Project) Ruerd Ruben (Wageningen University & Research) and Lau Schulpen (Radboud University Nijmegen) are suggesting four possible ways to overcome this in order to shift power closer to the ground.

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