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29 mei 2012



Over the last fifteen years there is an increasing awareness that to meet these challenges it will not be effective nor sustainable to direct more money into the existing health care –mostly public – systems and organizations.  What is needed are systems that on the one hand improve the access and quality of services and on the other hand provide for a viable and inclusive health insurance system. Hence, the time has come to see where we stand, to share experiences, draw lessons and set an agenda for future actions and research. The objective of the conference is to bring researchers, policy makers and practitioners together and discuss the different initiatives and the different insurance and delivery models that have been developed and put into practice. The objectives of the conference can be summarized as follows:

  • To present the international state of the art regarding the development, implementation and evaluation of health insurance and  health delivery systems.
  • To present and discuss more in depth different initiatives in different countries, including research results.
  • To explicit the basic dilemma’s and barriers and conditions for an effective functioning of models and interventions.
  • To learn from each other and draw lessons from the different (local) contexts
  • To set up an agenda for the future.
  • To draw up a specific message for the VN conference on June 20 2012.

Datum: Donderdag 5 juni 2012, 9:00-18:00 uur Locatie: Erasmus University Rotterdam Woudestein Campus.

Minister Wiebes: woordvoerder van Shell of Nederlands Minister voor Economische Zaken en Klimaat?

Door Jurrian Veldhuizen | 25 november 2020

Inmiddels twee maanden geleden stelde Lammert van Raan van de Partij voor de Dieren 25 zeer kritische Kamervragen aan Minister Hoekstra van Financiën en Minister Wiebes van Economische Zaken en Klimaat over de twijfelachtige klimaatplannen van olie- en gasbedrijven. Minister Wiebes had lang de tijd nodig om antwoord te geven. Toen het uiteindelijk kwam, bleek de minister een uitstekende woordvoerder voor Shell en een kampioen in het ontwijken van vragen en daarmee verantwoordelijkheden, schrijft Jurrian Veldhuizen namens Building Change.

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UN Food Systems Summit 2021

Wie niet aan tafel mee mag praten, staat op het menu

Door Vice Versa | 24 november 2020

Oxfam Novib, Hivos, Both Ends en de AgriProFocus Food Security Policy Coalition pleiten voor duurzame en inclusieve voedselsystemen op de VN- wereldtop komend jaar. Tijdens de conferentie ‘Bold Actions for Food as a Source for Good’, op 23 en 24 November georganiseerd door de Wageningen Universiteit, het World Economic Forum en anderen, kan Minister Kaag aandringen op een ambitieuze Summit die harde afspraken maakt over de toekomst van ons voedsel.

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‘Food security policy should focus less on production and more on consumers’

Door Joris Tielens | 22 november 2020

How can the Netherlands contribute to improving nutrition in Africa in the coming decade? Retiring Professor Ruerd Ruben would like to see Dutch government policy informed by a food systems approach – with more focus on consumers, and an active role for Dutch embassies entering into policy dialogue with the government in their African host countries. Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Sigrid Kaag agrees: ‘The systems approach, where more priority is given to the environment and consumers, is now widespread. It will be high on the agenda of the UN summit in 2021.’

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